Office Use

“Concentrate!” – A task that the human body is supposed to able to do naturally. So we should all be able to do it easily, right? Wrong. Our bodies cannot concentrate without the bare necessities, i.e. water,food and sleep .

It is a proven fact, that the mind can either function better or worse, depending on it’s in-take of water.

Why not keep your staff and yourself ALERT and FULLY FUNCTIONING at all time ?

We are a WōRTA company, that have decided to approach a range of companies in hope to supply purified water, dispensing machines, machine dispenser refills and our WōRTA from air machines.We are aware that each individual company requires its own unique feel. We therefore would like to introduce to you what we offer you: 

We at WōRTA feel that you will be receiving your money worth, in whichever product that you purchase. If you have any queries about what we do at WōRTA, please feel free to contact us by eMail or WhatsApp.